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Spring Revolution 2.0

Innovation: the strength of success

Spring Revolution 2.0 is a Primavera International brand.
Primavera International was born in Castel Goffredo in 1964, inside the largest sock district in the world.

Innovation has always been the engine of success in the development of this company, which constantly invests in research and technology. A winning strategy that has made it possible to continuously anticipate trends and technological innovations in terms of production machinery as well as yarns, applications and finishes.

How the brand was born

Active Sports Socks

A new generation of sports socks was born: SPRING 2.0

Years of research and technologically advanced systems lead to the birth of the SPRING brand, a new generation of sports socks that pursues the logic of well-being, prevention and performance.
Products that are born from the ability to listen to the needs of consumers who, thanks to a better quality of life and a greater attention to wellbeing during sporting and other activities, require supports that can prevent those diseases due to wear and tear of the joints and improve performance accordingly.

Socks 755

calza equitazione

Socks 628

calza protettiva

Socks 901

Socks 755 Pink

abbigliamento di qualità sport

From socks to Active clothing

Rev02 and Aer02

The commitment to protecting and improving sports performance becomes a complete sportswear line

The Rev02 and Aer02 lines of sportswear aim to improve the general wellbeing of athletes and protect them from injuries and temperature changes.

Maximum breathability and postural support complete the picture of a scrupulous attention to the athlete’s needs and the improvement of his/her performance.


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