What’s new – Breathe properly to live well

The pulmonary diaphragm is a vital muscle for a healthy and vital life.

Breathing well and correctly is essential for the quality of our lives.

Breathing is produced by an automatic and unconscious muscular movement of the human body. For this reason we do not pay proper attention and care to our personal breathing.

In the course of our life illnesses and bad habits (for example sitting badly) compromise our natural respiratory process by reducing the movement of the pulmonary diaphragm and the amount of air we inhale decreases.
Instead of deeply breathing, we inflate air only a small part of the lungs or the upper part corresponding to the pectoral area. It is easy to check your “status quo” by putting the palm of your hand first on the chest and then on the abdomen.
The reduction of the main breathing function inhibits both the right supply of oxygen and vital energy within the body, and the corresponding expulsion of carbon dioxide, toxins and negativity.

In summary: goodbye wellness.

It is however possible to restore your natural breathing process by working on the core (for example with yoga and pilates) and correcting your posture.

Few specific exercises per day, a minimum of attention not to “swallow” and not “close” ourselves while we work, study or surf the internet and in a reasonable amount of time the game is done.

Also for this reason the REVO2 postural t-shirt of Spring Revolution2.0 was born.

Thanks to its postural support structure, REVO2, if worn regularly, improves posture and restores the basic conditions to breathe correctly and naturally.

REVO2, the postural shirt that “you feel” as soon as you put it on.


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