What’s new – Breathing well – the first rule to feel good

Since childhood one of the your parents’ first tipps when you don’t feel good is: “Take a deep breath!”

Breathing properly is not so easy and instinctive. First you have to inhale with your nose, in a deep and regular way. Breathing must “deepen” in the “belly” using the diaphragm: only in this way all organs are optimally stimulated by the induced movement and allow oxygen to reach every end of our body. Conscious use of proper breathing can help reduce stress. Performing deep and slow breaths also allows you to mitigate the pain and to calm down. You should perform proper breathing trying to visualize the air entering and leaving, frequently and not only if necessary.

These are simple rules that can help improve breathing by always paying close attention to posture. The spine, in fact, must always remain erect and flexible, the body relaxed.

Easy to say … hard to do.

Also for this reason Spring Revolution 2.0 created the REVO2 postural shirt.
Thanks to its postural support structure, when REVO2 is worn daily, it improves posture and stimulates diaphragmatic breathing and this positively impacts on oxygenation.
REVO2, the postural shirt that supports your health every day.


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