What’s new – skiing and posture, an essential combination

With the opening of the Winter Olympic Games in Cortina, the importance of “centrality”…

…is being discussed in all areas that is, the ability of skiers and snowboarders to optimally control their equipment while remaining as long as possible in the barycentric position or perpendicular to the center of their body mass.

Easy to say but very complicated, for the most part, to do.

To achieve this, it is necessary to adopt a correct posture and keep it while remaining relaxed and fluid in movements. Controlling the body and regulating the respiratory rhythm. Without getting caught up in the wheezing.

The weight shall be distributed in a ski-centred manner and evenly across the boot sole surface. The arms are stretched forward and the back is straight and slightly inclined forward as well; knees imperceptibly bent.

All this leaning, in a balanced way, on the sole of the feet to “feel” the tool and react, in real time, to every slope variation.

Obviously who wears a postural shirt can be advantaged both as regards the posture and as regards the control of the respiratory rhythm and draw the benefits in the race.

Also for this reason Spring Revolution2.0 created REVO2 postural shirt.

Thanks to its back support structure, REVO2 shirt, worn during training and in competition, improves posture and breathing phase.

REVO2, the postural shirt that makes the difference.


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