How to excercise at 40 years old?

Having reached the age of 40, many people find new motivation to do physical exercise. Alone or in a group, in addition to having the right stimulation it is important not to exaggerate.

So what should be done to avoid tearing or even getting your joints damaged?

It must be a gradual process, it is not necessary to change your daily life drastically. The results are obtained with constancy and regularity.

You can start with 30 minutes a day with low-medium intensity activities, if you have stopped for a long time going for a walk 2-3 times a week is already a great start.

Then you have to understand what is your goal and what you really like!!

If the aim is to resume cardiofitness, or more generally an aerobic activity, we recommend two very good and complete disciplines: Nordic walking and swimming. Both activities involve the use of all the muscles of the body and, being based on fluid movements, are suitable for all.

There are also some less dynamic activities but not less complete: we talk about yoga and pilates.

If in recent years they had already been put on the pedestal by ‘celebrities’, during the lockdown they took root in the homes of many. They consist in slow and controlled movements that go to train muscle elasticity and improve posture. These exercises are however not to be underestimated, better to be followed by experts when doing them.

Our REVO2 postural products from Spring Revolution 2.0 can be a valuable ally in many short- or long-duration physical workouts of any level of intensity.

Thanks to their structure they allow you to train while keeping a correct posture and facilitate both breathing and perspiration.

With REVO2 training will never be a burden.

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