To avoid suffering from the cold, choose the most suitable ski clothing

The low temperatures to which you are inevitably subject when skiing or practising sports at high altitude should not become an obstacle to enjoying these typical winter sports. The right ski clothing can be the right ally.

If you are a snowboarder, snowshoeer or ski enthusiast, you know how important it is to take care of your clothing so that you can enjoy the sport safely.

Choosing the right clothing is also essential to prevent injuries on the piste or simply to minimise the possibility of getting sick.

Let’s start with the basics: the feet. We know that maintaining an adequate foot temperature helps to thermoregulate the entire body temperature. The ideal, therefore, is to choose thermal socks suitable for sports practised in situations of adverse temperatures.

Spring Revolution 2.0 has created the SR2 SOCKS line, a new generation of sports socks suitable for all kinds of sports. Today we are focusing on the category of thermal socks.

For example, the 881 sock is a long sock that can be used in a variety of winter sports and is made from light but durable Merino Extra Fine, a yarn that keeps the foot warm at all times.

It has a specific structure at the ankle that reduces overloading of the lateral ligaments, improves comfort during sports and in very low temperatures.

The Spring Revolution 2.0 product selection for winter sports also includes the 86 long-sleeved jersey. The photo shows the women’s version, but the men’s version is also available in our online shop.

This is a long-sleeved jersey with integrated balaclava with breathing holes and made of soft-touch Merino wool. It has mesh work on the back that facilitates the evacuation of sweat and improves the wearability of the garment.

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