What’s new : Biomechanics and posture – a new frontier in cycling

The introduction of quick-release pedals revolutioned and is revolutionizing the world of cycling.

Compared to before, when the pedaling developed in several phases (four phases, 2 of which are transition phases), now it has passed to a circular dynamic (double-phase) pedaling, which involves a very rearward position of the saddle.

This improves performance and maximises thrust power even at a rotation speed between 75 and 100 rpm, provided that you are able to maintain the optimal position on your bike for as long as possible.

That’s where posture comes in.
Apart from the professionals and some naturally predisposed amateur, the vast majority of practitioners, as a result of bad habits developed in the course of their lives and/or of suffered ailments and accidents, hardly manage to maintain the optimal position for a long time and when they do, they often enter into “wheezing” for the additional muscular effort to which they subject their body.

It is therefore essential to devote time to improve your posture with specific exercises and wear materials that lead you to adopt a correct posture such as the REVO2 postural t-shirt of Spring Revolution2.0.

Thanks to its postural support structure, REVO2, worn in all workouts, improves posture and, what never hurts, improves performance.
REVO2, the postural t-shirt that you “feel” as soon as you put it on.


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