What’s new – Postural excercises? Not only for those who suffer from back pain.

A cliché makes us believe that postural gymnastics should be done only by those suffering from low back, cervical or back pain and by older people.

Nothing could be more wrong: postural exercises should also be done, we think above all, for preventive purposes.

These exercises, in fact, aim to restore muscle balance by acting on the less elastic and flexible areas of the body and are not only useful for those who practice sports blocking the body in the same position for a long time (running, cycling, rowing, etc…) but to all sportsmen.

Even for those who do not practice sports and especially for those who work sitting in front of their PC, for a patient who has suffered a sprain, a meniscus surgery or has been implanted with a hip implant, rehabilitation exercises to correct posture are highly recommended.

A second cliché makes us believe that there is an ideal posture.
Nothing could be more false, for each individual there is his own correct posture that guarantees the best equilibrium condition (static and dynamic) respecting his own physiological curves.

There are many sites on the internet that suggest the best postural exercise routines.

Before you start, however, talk to your doctor.

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Thanks to its dorsal support structure, REVO2 helps in carrying out postural exercises while improving the respiratory phase.

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