What’s new – Posture and gym

Posture is the position of the body and of the body segments in relation to space.

We define posture as ideal when it able to generate the least overload towards the structures: skeletal, ligamentous, muscular and nervous.

Ideal posture is essential for our well-being.

in addition to being influenced by the balance between contraction and release of agonist muscles and antagonist ones, the posture also depends on the neuromotor aspect of each individual, namely the set of sensitive-motor reflexes.
In the gym we often talk about posture, sometimes out of turn, because next to the few people who participate in courses dedicated to postural rebalancing there are too many people who devote themselves to body building or cross fit paying very little attention to their “starting” posture, with the risk of triggering serious pathologies.

Obviously you should dedicate the same time that you dedicate to muscle strengthening to postural rebalancing. But rarely it is possible. Time, you know, is tyrannical.

Also for this reason the REVO2 postural t-shirt by Spring Revolution2.0 was created.

Thanks to its postural support structure, REVO2, worn in all workouts, improves posture and, which never hurts, protects against injuries from overload

REVO2, the postural t-shirt that you “feel” as soon as you put it on.


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