What’s new – Posture and Nordic Walking – 2 related worlds

The technical movement behind Nordic Walking consists of the synchronous movement of arms and legs.

The movement begins with the roller of the foot “further forward” and the support of the opposite arm and ends with the thrust of the rear foot also balanced by the support of the opposite arm.

It is therefore essential, as in skiing, to maintain a barycentric position to maximize the thrust minimizing energy consumption. Obviously: the better the posture, the better the result.

As a result, Nordic Walking is considered one of the main sports to be practiced in adulthood as it allows you to become aware of your movements and achieve benefits at the level of back, breathing, muscles and joints.

By practicing Nordic Walking you improve your posture; improving your posture you acquire a good technique.

For this reason posture and Nordic Walking can, in all respects, be considered two related worlds.
For the same reason Spring Revolution 2.0 created REVO2 postural shirt.

Thanks to its postural support structure, REVO2, worn during training, improves posture and, no less important, improves performance.REVO2: the postural shirt that supports your passions.


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