What’s new – Posture and quality of sleep

How many times did we get out of bed feeling sore and having slept badly blaming the mattress and pillow? Many. Surely too many.

In fact, only in a minority of cases the cause of our “feeling sick” is/was to be charged to them.

A very probable cause is to be found in the posture.

At night, in fact, we tend to take a position that conforms to the one we adopt during the day and therefore we “drag” bad habits.

If during the day we spend many hours “leaning” on the computer (even worse on the smartphone) or “saggy” on a chair, thus preventing, among other things, our diaphragm to open and let us breathe harmoniously at night, the situation will only get worse.

Back pain, sleep apnea, headache, discontinuous sleep, gastric reflux: all born day to torment us at night. What to do?Dedicate daily time to improve our posture through exercise, fight against our bad habits while working or studying.

Also for this reason the REVO2 postural t-shirt by Spring Revolution2.0 was created,

Thanks to its postural support structure, REVO2, worn while working or studying, improves posture and allows our diaphragm to perform its function with undoubted benefits on our concentration and on our feeling of physical well-being.

REVO2, the postural t-shirt that you “feel” as soon as you put it on.


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