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Spring Revolution 2.0 was born with the aim of creating an active support for athletes: clothes desingned for the needs of sports enthusiasts and professional athletes... Continue below

Support Your Passion

Since the day of its birth, we have thought of revolutionizing through Spring brand the world of sports accessories by creating a new family of products: the "Active" items...

Spring Revolution 2.0 products are not only used to protect from heat and cold, to avoid blisters and redness as well as to improve sweating but also to prevent the typical ailments (muscle and tendon) that practically all athletes suffer from…

Active” accessories that in many sports become true “tools”: real sports equipment that serves to improve athletic performance


Quality, research, innovation, elegance, durability: these are the synonyms of Made In Italy.

A brand that the company can be proud of: all Spring 2.0 products are in fact studied, designed and manufactured in Italy.
From yarn to packaging, Primavera International avails itself of designers and consultants with proven experience who take care of the pre- and post-production phases.

The company uses only high-quality materials with consolidated fame; it chooses for each item the ideal combination of yarns; it obtains exclusive models with specific peculiarities that improve the athlete’s wellbeing and performance.

The stages of a Revolution...

In 2012 the first Spring Revolution sports sock was born.

For the first time, a product was launched on the market that goes far beyond
the traditional concept of sock which must protect from the cold.

calza tecnica

In 2014 the 901 PROGRESSIVE PREVENTION PLUS sock was launched

For the first time we are talking about preventive sports socks that combine prevention and performance.

calza protettiva

The REV02 line was launched in 2018

For the first time, a seamless product that improves posture is launched on the market.

maglia posturale bicicletta

In 2019 the AERO2 line was launched

For the first time an underwear / external clothing line is created with technical and supportive contents for the muscle masses.

maglia sport inverno

Support your passion: Spring and its Community

Supporting your passion means sharing experiences, sweat and joys with hundreds of athletes across Europe and around the world. Our clothing is born from your needs: we know these because we are by your side …

sportivi con maglia tecnica

Spring Revolution 2.0 is a Primavera International brand

The company was founded in Castel Goffredo (Mantova, Italy) in 1964